Hairbrush Cheat Sheet

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Many of us rely on one hairbrush for all our styling needs.  But choosing the correct hairbrush is as important as deciding on a new shampoo or conditioner.  Therefore, we have created a shortcut cheat sheet to help choose the proper hairbrush for your desired hairstyle and hair type.

♥ Paddle Brush This is a multipurpose brush whose flat and wide surface area should be used to smoothen hair or detangle wet hair.  Having synthetic or nylon brushes makes the job easier for textured hair.

♥ Round Hairbrush Perfect for blowouts, ceramic or ionic barrels in this brush type quickly heat up with a blow dryer to give hair volume and bounce.  Although not ideal for thin hair, consider the size of desired curls and length of your hair when choosing this brush type.  Tighter curls require a smaller size barrel while straight and wavy hairs demand a larger barrel.

♥ Boar Bristle Brush Use it on fine, curly hair to give hair a smoother feel after using hair dryer.  This brush redistributes oil from your scalp and glides gently through hair without damaging hair.

♥ Vented Brush As the name suggests the vented spaces allows hot air to quickly dry your hair, and is ideal for a quick blow dry

♥ Looper Brush Ideal for hair extension but this brush can also be used for brittle and sensitive hair because the loops allow the hair to easily glide through the brush

♥ Wide Tooth Comb/ Detangling Hairbrush Works best on wet hair because of the large spaces between bristles that gently detangle wet hair.

♥ Teasing Hairbrush Need to clip hair extensions or make a ponytail? Utilize this tool to lift your roots and give fullness to your hair.

♥ Rat Tail Comb Popular in 1950s, but still relevant today for its precision in parting hair for braids, and more challenging hairstyles.

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