Cream vs. Powder Blush. Which One Is Superior?

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Makeup foundation contouring gives you a more flattering, attractive look, but a touch of blush can immediately brighten your face, complementing its healthy looking glow that we want to achieve. Blush is a cosmetic product primarily used to add a rosy tint to the cheeks. It is typically available in shades ranging from pale pink to bronze. But how do you pick the perfect blush? Cream vs. powder blush? If you take a quick look in Sephora, powder is the most popular formula, but creams are gaining popularity.

Powder blush works for all-skin-types and it can absorb excess oil, making them an excellent choice for women with combination and oily skin. They also tend to give a more matte, elegant finish to the skin. Powder blush has a lighter texture. It is available both in a loose version and a solid pressed version and is applied to the cheeks with a brush. Those who use powder blush may prefer its translucent color, which allows them to control the strength of the color by opting to apply thin layers until they reach their desired appearance. The densely packed powder goes on silky and gives a matte finish. It’s also easy to apply — just use a brush and blend — and has long lasting staying power. The downside of powder blush for some skin type as a dry-skin can cause skin irritation, so those with dry skin may have better results with cream blush. It can also draw attention to any skin flakes or cracks, to say the least not a pretty look.

Cream Blush is a moisturizer with a tint of color for a glossy texture. It is a smooth textured product that usually comes packaged in a small jar or other shallow container. Cream Blush is more apt to be used for dry and mature skin, cream blushes provide a dewy flushed appearance, think: “blushed” (did we just coin a new phrase?) for a minute, if you use your imagination to think of what one’s skin might look like when they are “blushed”. It gives your skin a more youthful appearance and look more natural presence on your skin. Cream blush is formulated to hydrate and it is lightweight, which tends to give a more natural flush of the skin with a pretty shine. Cream blushes tend to set quickly, and once they do, those suckers are hard to remove. In order to avoid streaked and blotched cheeks (nobody wants this) – you can easily blend Cream Blush with your fingers, or alternatively, use a soft makeup sponge and brush which also does the job very well. The fact that cream blushes have a shorter “staying power” (lasting on average up-to 7 hours on your cheeks), conversely, with powders, the variable is that the powder is typically still there (in your pores) and you know this when you take your makeup off late at night.

Cream + Powder Blushes – For a long-lasting glow and pop of color, consider using them together. This method prolongs the staying power. First apply a cream blush as a base, and then move onto your powder blush in a similar color on top of that. This way, you can just forget about touch ups. The color won’t budge. I usually do this when the weather is beginning to warm up, so I don’t have to worry about the heat melting my face. Gives you something to think about.

Which one is for you? Well, it all depends on your skin-type and the look that you are trying to achieve. Cream blush is trending lately as it offers simple and quick applications, as well as being able to apply on your lips for that pouty and natural color “look” some of us try to achieve.

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