Lipstick or Lip Gloss Lover?

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The global female population is divided between lip gloss lovers and lipstick enthusiasts and swingers of both! Lipstick and lip gloss are cosmetic products that are applied on the lips to intensify the appearance of women’s faces. Both lipstick and lip gloss offer gorgeous and rich effects to women’s lips which make them appear very seductive and sexy.

What is Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss is a famous lip product that does not contain wax. It is highly pigmented, opaque, smooth, and has a glossy lip color, which is used with a built-in lip brush. Lip glosses are preferred by women during the nighttime or during parties, when they want to enhance their “smoky-eye” makeup with shiny lip gloss.


What is Lipstick?

Lipstick is a cosmetic product, which is a necessity for females to enhance their look and make them appear gorgeous. A Lipstick is a crayon-like, oil-based cosmetic used for coloring the lips. It is contained in a tubular container. Lipsticks are long-lasting and they are not easy to apply at any time, or anywhere. Lipsticks are not typically moist, nor do they tend to dry the lips. The biggest advantage of lipstick is to hide the discoloration of the lips and to make them look denser and glow more.


Lipstick Lip gloss
Lip cosmetic product that contains wax Lip cosmetic product that does not contain wax
Type = Matt, creamy and frosted Type = High shine, creamy, sparkling and opaque
Look = Denser, creamy, rich and less moist Look = Shiny, younger, gorgeous, wet and moist
Texture = Thick and creamy Texture = Wet, slippery, lightweight
Pro = Hide discoloration of lips Pro = Hide dryness of lips
Pro = Duration- Long-lasting Con = Momentary

Did you know?

Lip Gloss was invented by a Polish-Jewish Cosmetician, Max Factor (founder of Max factor & Company). Max desired to make a lipstick that is glossy and shiny for the films. He specifically created make ups for the movie business. The first ever lip gloss was known as Max Factor’s X – rated in 1992. The 1st flavored lip gloss was introduced by Bonne Bell in 1973.

Lipstick came into existence more than 5000 years ago. Since then, there has been inventions, evolution, and developments of lipsticks. Believe it or not, there was a time when lip cosmetics and coloring was banned and considered “prostitute centric”- (tell that to your 16 yr. old daughter going to her first hip-hop concert). Today, lipstick is not just about its iconic color-cosmetic history, it is more about the evolution of Beauty and what is means to each one of us…

Lipstick and Lip gloss has different pout perks, which look do you prefer?

Lipstick that gives a precise application ensures that your mouth looks more defined and becomes less pronounced for that “sophisticated look” or Lip gloss that has sheer look that makes your puckered lips appear fuller and creates a “voluptuous” (think: Scarlett Johansson) effect for seductive and gorgeous lips?…

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