My Imperfection Makes Me Beautiful

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Let’s redefine beautiful “Beauty has no skin tone” and begin this article with how each of us feel every day: “Real Beauty” and “Real Women” – of all sizes and various ethnic backgrounds who often feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts – especially when it comes to how each of us look. However, the feeling of being comfortable in your skin is what everybody needs to feel, although, at times, such feelings are not attainable or realistic. In the words of Coco Chanel Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourselfit is not about needing to improve on your looks but rather having confidence and believing in yourself. Feeling confident in your skin plays a significant role in your life especially as it relates to self-love and acceptance. When you feel confident with yourself, you become conscious of your actions, your behaviors, and how you interact with others. There exists happiness beyond the stereotypes of acne and birthmarks.  You should understand that having these beautiful identifiers doesn’t make you nature’s misfit.  In the age that we are living today, judging one’s beauty based on their skin is the prettiest thing one should be.

“So, what is beauty? It’s a kind of radiance. People who possess a true inner beauty, their eyes are a little brighter, their skin a little dewier. They vibrate at a difference frequency.” – Cameron Diaz

We need to break the stereotype of associating acne and birthmarks with beauty and perceiving skin perfection as the gateway to self-confidence and satisfaction.  Surround yourself with those who lift you and those positive about life because without this support you will sink deeper into low self-esteem. Always cherish your skin because that is what makes YOU and how YOU are perceived in life. Every woman has the privilege to feel beautiful in her skin.  The impression of the skin should not affect your judgment towards others or how you feel about yourself as it doesn’t define YOU or who you are inside. Everyone should understand that each person has something unique, beautiful, and special to offer to themselves and others.  Endeavor for that shiny glitter, appreciate it, embrace it, and make someone’s day by allowing them to feel good and confident about how they look.  In the end, it doesn’t matter whether we have the perfect complexion, but instead if we appreciate and interact with each other in the most loving way possible.

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