Amazing Benefits of Glycerin in Skincare

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If you’ve ever purchased skincare products, you may have noticed Glycerin or Glycerol as one of the primary ingredients. But what is it and how can it give you a youthful, bright, and glowing skin? Aha, not so quick, we’ll get to the good stuff in a minute. First, a little background on our mysterious, If not shy ingredient friend Glycerin. Natural glycerin is derived by breaking up vegetable or animal fat (through a process called hydrolysis) whereas synthetic glycerin is obtained via chemical processes involving petroleum, propylene, and chlorine. 

The great thing about natural or synthetic glycerin is its ability to pull water from deeper layers of skin into the upper layer of skin, which is often prone to dryness and harmful environmental factors.  Glycerin can even pull water from the environment if it is humid enough. This hygroscopic or humectant property of glycerin hydrates your skin resulting in a soft, and supple skin. Hydrated skin smoothens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides protection against harmful effects of dry skin such as fungal infections, psoriasis, and eczema.   

Glycerin’s ability to heal dry, damaged and cracked skin is the reason why it is found in many skincare products.” 

Glycerin is not just for any skin type but works its magic on all types of skin.  This is especially true for oily skin types that are often prone to acne.  It is often recommended to use exfoliators for acne prone skin, but harsh exfoliators cause bigger problems that expose skin to further damage.  As a gentle exfoliator, glycerin increases the thickness of the outer layer of skin and locks in moisture, thus safeguarding skin from acne-causing bacteria and harsh chemicals.  The hits just keep on coming – Glycerin also restores the water balance within cells and helps in shedding dead skin cells that can clog pores causing acne. Yes, there is still more – Glycerin’s ability to heal dry, damaged and cracked skin is the reason why it is found in many skincare products.  Glycerin serves as an exfoliator in cleansers and toners because it is not sticky or oily, it is a great ingredient to have in face masks for its hydration and brightening properties, and is a second-to-none ingredient in moisturizers to prevent dry and damaged skin. Who would have thought……?

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