Boost Your Skin With Facial Sheet Masks

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Sheet masks are an interesting tool in our skincare arsenal for the past two years. Sheet masks which first surfaced in Korea, are becoming more and more popular in America for those seeking dewier and healthier looking skin. The sheets are easy to use with “spa-like” bonus for your face, whether your skin is suffering from acne, dullness or you just want a soft and dewy feel, you can find the right sheet mask for your skin-type.

Do they work? How often should we use them? Which ones are the right ones to use? Is there a difference between the $1 sheet mask and the $10 one? These are questions we probably ask ourselves about anything we buy, however let us focus on sheet masks in general for now.

Do they work and how often should we use them?

We hate to be the bearers of bad news; however, sheet masks need to be used fairly often in order for them to be effective. Sheet masks are soaked in a ton of skin enriching ingredients, but they are not long lasting and should only be used as an extra boost to your daily skincare routine and not in replacement of it. Using face masks after your cleansing routine at the end of the day allows the serum to soak into your skin and do its work while you sleep. A good rule of thumb is to use sheet masks approximately 3 times per week. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may want to adjust the frequency to prevent irritation. One caveat to using sheet masks daily is to make sure you are using one that is suited for daily use. Hydrating masks are relatively safe to use daily, but masks used for treating skin conditions such as acne should be used less frequently. Always remember to check the recommended use on the back of any sheet mask packaging for the best results.

The good news is even if you don’t have time to use sheet masks as often as you want to, throwing one on before applying makeup will provide your skin with the hydrating boost it needs for that picture-perfect glow.

Which ones are the right ones to use?

There are a variety of face masks out there that treat almost every type of skin condition. The first thing to consider is what issue do we want to address. Is your skin too dry? Too oily? Are you trying to reduce fine lines? Is your skin inflamed? Most sheet masks will be labelled with its focused skin treatment such as hydrating, cleansing, soothing, pore minimizing, etc. and so it is likely enough just to read through the uses on the packaging of a sheet mask. If it is not labelled, the alternative is to look for face masks rich in the ingredient to addressing the issue of your skin. For example, if I wanted to brighten dull skin, I would look for masks that is rich in Vitamin C.

Does price matter?

In short, yes. More expensive masks are often made with higher quality products as well as better sheet material. Using hydrogel sheet masks allow the serum in the mask to absorb better into the skin and reduces the risk of irritation. Cheaper masks, on the other hand, often contain filler ingredients and are made of synthetic material that may cause irritation. Higher quality masks also tend to fit better on the face although this is not guaranteed. However, that is not to say cheap masks are useless either. Less expensive masks are good for short term quick pick me ups for those that are not quite as diligent about their sheet mask routine… Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I’ve always wondered if the masks are effective. Great info, thanks! The Tatcha one is great but pricey. Love the Sephora Coconut sheet mask. It has a great price point too!

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