Happy shaving with Cremo

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Happy shaving with Cremo

I am a middle-aged man with an Achilles heel – sensitive skin. Because of poor genetics in my epidermis, I have been on a mission for the past three decades in pursuit of a shaving cream that would help to mitigate the unsightly and often sore / burning red bumps that are produced after every single shave. In my quest over the years to trash the foaming products that my father bestowed upon me as “shaving cream” (think; Barbasol Shave Cream – sorry Barbasol), I have procured and tested close to two dozen brands, creams, lotions, and post-shave “cooling” creams. I even indoctrinated myself into Sephora to try the “higher-end”, more expensive “French” brands, naively believing that the French had somehow figured out what the rest of us could not. Ahh, but alas, not even the French were able to deliver on their promises of “smoother and bump-free” skin. One brand after another failed miserably and was frankly no less effective than the old-school foam products had been.

This was until 7 years ago when I was listening to an ad on Sirius / XM radio for Cremo touting it as this “impossibly slick, barber grade formula”. So, despite my skepticism after so many failed shaving cream engagements, I figured I would give it a shot and see just how slick it really was.

The moment of truth; I began my Cremo product testing via the same methods/routine that I had followed for each of the approximately two dozen products I had tested over the years. That was – starting with Neutrogena Men’s Razor Defense Face Scrub (I never experienced a difference in any of the scrubs/brands I tried and thus went with the most economical and effective), after a thorough wash, I then ran a washcloth under hot water and lay the cloth across my neck to assist in opening my pores – much in the same manner as an old-fashioned barbershop would do it with a hot towel. I allowed my skin to become very moist and then began applying Cremo. I squeezed out a dime-size amount of Cremo onto my hand and as instructed by Cremo, began massaging it into my face. My impatience got the best of me initially and I later discovered that it is necessary to continue massaging Cremo shave cream into your face and lightly wetting your hand when applying the cream. You will notice quite a significant difference when you are patient (unlike me) and take the time to bring this impossibly slick cream to a nice lather on your face – a surprisingly small amount (dime-size) provides more than adequate coverage. Using a lot of Cremo is unnecessary and wasteful.

I was immediately impressed by the fact that the Cremo marketing was spot-on in the fact that when applied correctly, this cream really does feel “impossibly slick” and unlike any other product, I had tried until that point. As soon as my razor blade hit my face, I knew almost instantly that I had found my “shave-utopia”. My razor effortlessly glided over my skin and I could immediately feel the cooling and “slick” effects of the cream, further, Cremo was not this overtly baseball-size “foam” product in my hand where I needed to produce a Santa Claus look. Instead, it was a subtle, yet amazingly effective, dime-sized cream which produced dramatically better results than any other product I had ever tried.

What was the ‘end-result’ you ask; well, after decades of epic failures with an obscene number of products, I have finally identified a shaving cream which is pure Nirvana and has produced a dramatic difference in how my skin looks and feels post-shave. I have noticeably fewer red bumps and certainly no burning after-effect, meaning that Cremo’s “slick” nature is effective and not simply marketing content.

For those of you about to consider this shaving-cream endeavor, the only recommendation I would make is if you do not feel a super slick coating on your skin after applying the Cremo, wet your hands with hot water and rub it into the cream on your face in circular motions, making sure the cream is fully activated before shaving. Happy shaving!



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