Mushrooms skincare: Your ULTIMATE beauty’s latest obsession

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Meet beauty’s latest obsession: Mushroom Skincare. In fact, there are very few natural ingredients as versatile as the humble mushroom, and its latest job is to provide you with perfectly flawless, blemish-less, pore-less skin. Are mushrooms becoming the Holy Grail of skincare? If you mean mushroom serums and mushroom face creams – then the answer is a resounding “Yes, way”. The brand “Origins” has built a whole range of products around mushrooms and other skincare brands are also in hot pursuit. And while we may consider it a recent discovery, mushrooms have been a mainstay in skincare at least as far back as the third century BC. What is so fabulous about this fungus? And which one of its 15,000+ varieties should you be seeking out for your skin? Let’s take-a-look at four different types of mushrooms most used in skincare products.

Shiitake mushroom skincare: 

Shiitake mushrooms are a dense source of kojic acid. Kojic acid is a natural substitute for hydroquinone to lighten hyperpigmentation of all kinds, ranging from acne to sunspots. These skin-friendly mushrooms are also packed with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to guard your skin against environmental damage, while easing conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea. In fact, in Japan, shiitake is considered the anti-ageing mushroom, based on its ability to improve skin vitality, and elasticity.

Tremella mushroom skincare:

A score of studies have proved that a Tremella mushroom can hold up to 500 times its own weight in water, making it comparable to the much-lauded hyaluronic acid for skin hydration. And it has an extra edge: On a molecular level, Tremella’s particles are smaller than hyaluronic acid, so it penetrates the skin more easily. Hello, softer, smoother, plumper skin! Tremella mushrooms skincare benefits also extend to lightening hyperpigmentation, age spots, and old acne scars by inhibiting melanin production. In fact, according to several studies, they are more effective than vitamin C and kojic acid for skin lightening.

Reishi mushroom skincare: 

Reishi mushrooms benefit skin with their potent quantities of beta-glucans, which are natural sugars that can penetrate through multiple layers of skin to help calm dryness and itchiness. They also contain polysaccharides, which boost skin’s natural ability to retain water. This makes them a powerful moisturizer when used in topical skincare products. And that’s not all: Reishi mushrooms are also anti-inflammatory, which makes them terrific at dealing with acne, abrasions, redness, sunburns, rashes, and stressed skin. And they contain massive doses of antioxidants that help deal with signs of premature ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Taken together, these properties make for a super-ingredient that’s a boon for stressed or sensitive skin, leaving it stronger, smoother, and irritation-free.

Cordyceps mushroom skincare: Cordyceps contains powerful concentrations of anti-aging compounds that can help rejuvenate the skin, eliminate dead or dying cells and improve the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and age spots, effectively shaving years off your life!


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