5 Common Skincare Mistakes… Do Not!

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Do you want beautiful and flawless skin? Do you spend a lot of money on beauty products? I am sure for most of you, the answer is YES on both accounts. You are probably a beauty lover reading this article and you want to run through this list to make sure you are not one of “them”. Even the best of us who follow daily routines like a religion, can still make serious skincare mistakes.  Here is the list:

    1. Do not touch your face: Touching your face a lot can cause serious breakout on your skin. Your hands carry dirt, oil, and bacteria that can cause rashes and pimples. Do you know where your hands were a few seconds ago? Hmm, think again……. Be sure to wash your hands as much as possible to keep the dirt at minimum, make a habit of minimizing how much you touch your face with your hands, so can maintain our happy faces 😊
    2. Do not keep your makeup on your face overnight: Sounds familiar? I must admit when I was in my early twenties, I was guilty of that. Of course, now, is no exception! I don’t care how tired I am, removing my makeup and cleaning my face is an absolute must before I go to sleep. Makeup overnight clogs your pores, may cause skin breakout, and stain your clean pillow.
    3. Do not avoid applying SPF: Exposing your skin  to the elements without SPF protection can promote early aging skin and skin cancer. Before you are going outside into the sun, apply a moisturizer with SPF (30, 50 or higher) depending on your skin type. Please reapply as necessary when SPF wears off as long you spend time outside, even on a cloudy day.
    4. Do not forget to clean your makeup brushes and sponges: Simple common sense, but I am sure some of you are going to say: “whoops”. Makeup brushes and sponges should be cleaned every week to avoid serious skin breakout. 
    5. Do not buy skincare products without learning about the ingredients and your skin type: Do you know what your skin type is? Do you read the ingredients list? If you want healthy skin, you need to engage in due diligence and carefully read the ingredients list to make sure the ingredients compliment your skin type and the ingredients are potent and effective. Once you select your skincare product, such as a face cream, consider using it for a while to access the difference before and after. Avoid using too many products and have a daily skincare routine that works for you.

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