Beauty Betrays. What’s feeding your beauty?

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What’s feeding your beauty?

“Beauty nutrition” refers to the power of your food to transform the way you look and feel. It’s the foundation of the “eat pretty” approach to beauty. The food you eat doesn’t just give you energy to go on with your daily activities, it supports your body’s beautifying processes, turns on and shuts off gens that influence the way your body performs, and tells your body whether to slow or speed up the aging process. Your food breaks down intro molecular building blocks that become your body, so it follows that choosing the best food produces your most radiant self. There are so many exciting ways to boost the quality and quantity of the nutritional tools you give your body to defend, repair, detox, and feel its best. Furthermore, to “eat pretty,” you will need to change your diet by eliminating or restricting some foods that might be working against your best efforts to feel and look beautiful, inside and out. We call them, the Beauty Betrayers.

Beauty Betrayers

CAFFEINE: Products that contain caffeine should be consumed in moderation. Caffeine increases the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to wrinkling and belly fat and inhibits the natural production of serotonin, an important happiness booster. Caffeine also alters blood sugar, impedes the abortion of several key beauty mineral, places and additional burden on the body’s adrenal gland and liver, and can disrupt beauty sleep, even twelve hours after consumption.

ALCOHOL Alcohol is a source or simple sugars that stresses the liver) a key organ for radiant skin) and speeds up the aging process.

CANNED FOODS WITH BPA (BISPHENOL A): Pass an endocrine-disrupting chemical into your system that can throw off the body’s delicate hormonal balance.

DAIRY: Both organic and conventional, is a common food intolerance that produce digestive issues. Conventional dairy in particular contains antibiotics and hormones that may affect the body’s hormonal balance as well as insulin levels, contributing to breakouts.

FRIED FOODS: Fried foods are a source of heated oils and trans fats that are inflammatory and high in aging free radicals that cause cellular damage.

GLUTEN: Is a common food sensitivity that can negatively impact digestion and increase levels of inflammation, contributing to breakouts, weight gain, and advance rate of aging.

MEATS: Conventional meats often contain antibiotics, hormones (both added and natural), and an abundance of omega-6 fats that raise levels of inflammation. Choose organic, grass-fed meats in small amounts, or substitute beautifying protein sources like wild salmon, sardines, and pastured eggs that are high in anti-inflammatory omega-3s and other beauty nutrients, as well as plant-based proteins like quinoa, hemp seeds, and lentils, which offer healthy fats, fiber, and an array of nutrients.

GRILLED AND OVERCOOKED FOODS: These foods are known to contain high levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Which speed up visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin, as well as increase inflammation and weight gain.

PESTICIDE-SPRAYED PRODUCE: Is a major source of pesticide residue that increases free radicals in the body, effects hormonal balance, and contributes to a greater toxic burden in the body. PRO TIP: Wash your vegetables and fruits with vinegar and rise with plenty water before eaten or cooking them.

PROCESSED FOODS: Processed foods are low in beauty nutrition and high in inflammatory compounds like preservatives, chemical additives, synthetic dyes, added flavors, and sugar. They often rank high on the glycemic index and can be a major factor in breakouts and advanced aging.

SUGAR: NO, NO, NO. In its many forms, but specially the processed and refined varieties, directly contributes to wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, lackluster skin, cellulite, and weight gain. It steals nutrients and hydration from you skin, suppresses the immune system, increases inflammation, negatively impacts blood sugar balance, and curbs the production of anti-aging hormones in the body.

SODAS: Is a sugar-packed and highly acidic in the body. Diet versions can slow metabolism, disrupt healthy gut bacteria, and throw off blood sugar balance.

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